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Christian Spec Fic Books & Authors

The new landscape of the publishing industry has opened the gates wide for stories written with smaller niches of readers in mind. Speculative fiction (spec fic) includes thousands of subgenres like dystopian, steampunk, cyberpunk, apocalyptic, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, etc (there's no way we're listing them all here). There is even room now for stories written by Christians within these subgenres.

"Spec fic written by a Christian" is the baseline definition for "Christian spec fic." It's worth noting there are many variations:

  • Stories written by Christians for Christians.
  • Stories written by Christians for the general market.
  • Stories with overt Christian themes.
  • Stories written from a Christian worldview without overt Christian elements.

Most of us have read a book and thought, "This is awesome. I'd love to see a story like this written in a more family-friendly way." Or, "I wish I could share this with my kids, but the R-rated stuff is just over the top." Or maybe just, "What would happen if a missionary was sent into the world of vampires and werewolves? I wish somebody would write that story."

Welcome to the wide, wide world of Christian spec fic.

Finding What You Like

Sometimes it takes a while to discover Christian spec fic books even exist. But here you are, exploring that world. The next challenge is to figure out what books are out there and which ones might suit your taste. After all, doesn't all this indie publishing mean that there are a lot of sub-par books out there? Yes, it does.

That's why there are sites like Lorehaven out there, sorting through the noise and finding the gems. The SpecFic Books category offers an overview of what's being released each month by Christian authors of spec fic as well as linking to site that delve deeper into reviewing the books. If you know of a good Christian book review site that we've missed, let us know!