The Christian SpecFic Insider started in 2015 as the Christian #SpecFic Reader. Founder and content curator Teddi Deppner is passionate about connecting Christians who share a love for speculative fiction* (#specfic), and she brings more than 20 years of writing, illustrating and Internet expertise to her varied web publishing projects**.

The Christian SpecFic Insider (casually referred to as the Insider) exists to:

  • Collect and curate links to articles of interest produced by Christians who consume and produce speculative fiction
  • Demonstrate to Christians who enjoy #specfic that they are not alone
  • Showcase books, films, art and TV shows of interest to fans of speculative fiction
  • Celebrate the various #specfic fandoms
  • Facilitate discussion among Christians about the intersection of the Christian faith and #specfic entertainment
  • Promote understanding between Christian #specfic fans and the Church
  • Equip pastors to engage with the ever-increasing cultural impact of #specfic

The site is made possible by donations from interested parties. If you like what we’re doing, please consider dropping a few dollars in our donation jar!

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* Speculative fiction includes all the various flavors of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Terms used interchangeably on this site include “speculative fiction”, “spec fic” and “#specfic”.

** See also and