Today this website looks like the bare walls, floors and cupboards of a new house just as you move in. So empty — but full of promise. Just like our author friend JJ shared on Instagram recently.

Closed today on the new house- here is the before pic and during demo pic!!! Lots of destruction going on!!!!

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New Name, New Logo

There’s a new name to go along with the refined focus outlined in Same Vision, All New Approach. When you want a guide who has the broad scope and high-level view of the Christian speculative fiction community, come to us and we’ll show you around. When you want the inside scoop on what’s happening the Christian specfic world, you’ll find it here.

Of course, we can’t be everywhere at once, so if you have a scoop or find a great CSF resource, keep us in the loop!

New WordPress-Powered Website

Good-bye, Hello, WordPress, old friend. Actually, you can still find a messy, unsorted aggregate of CSF RSS feeds on, called The Christian SpecFic World. We use it to keep an eye on what all y’all are publishing. Please continue to submit URLs if you find or launch a new site that you’d like the rest of the community to know about.

Our apologies if this new site feels a bit empty. We’ll fill it up eventually. The concept of iterating your product is something that makes a lot of sense in today’s fast-paced world, so that’s what we’ll do. Launch now with the essentials, and then keep adding features, content, resources.

Looking to the Future

In the past, we tried to bring you masses of content from the trenches. It was a wild, semi-filtered ride. Now, we’re looking to pare it down and offer instead a broader view, a high-level introduction to the best of the community.

  • Where to find the top websites discussing the intersection of faith and spec fic entertainment
  • Christian spec fic in the news, and how to help efforts at trending or participate in go-viral events
  • Who is offering spec fic focused small group studies
  • Where to find niche resources like Christian reviews of video games or anime
  • When and where are there Christians gathering at spec fic events (whether Comic Con or a Christian-sponsored event)

We’re also in the midst of developing:

  • Outreach and promotional packets to make your local church a place where spec fic fans can find each other and gather
  • Pastor packets for promoting understanding between pastors and Christian fans of spec fic entertainment
  • Pastor packets for promoting small groups or outreach events utilizing spec fic content
  • Parent resources to guide parents whose kids are interested in spec fic entertainment
  • Homeschool resources for homeschool teachers or groups wanting to find Christian spec fic books for their students
  • And more…

We’re looking forward to this site becoming a vital and truly useful resource for the Christian specfic community, but these things don’t happen overnight. Sometimes they don’t happen in a year, either.

As our community grows we are confident that we’ll find other believers who aren’t afraid to walk in and create new speculative fiction worlds that glorify God, touch hearts with His presence, and change the world.

So in the words of the dauntless Captain Nesmith of the NSEA Protector:

Never Give Up. Never Surrender.

Until next time, fandom peeps!