Each month, Christian authors of speculative fiction are putting out new books, magazines and short stories. We want to spotlight the products that our community is publishing, but we need your help.


Put us on your book launch checklist. As soon as your product is available on Amazon.com, please send us a link and we’ll include it on the list of new releases for the month it comes out.


If you know of a Christian author of speculative fiction (scifi, fantasy, historical, etc) whose book came out this month, email us the Amazon.com link (or at least the title of the book and name of the author). Don’t forget to let us know about big name Christian authors, too, like Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. We are still setting up our Goodreads list so we can get that information ourselves, so we appreciate every bit of help you can offer!

Do you know of a book release from this month? Share here!