For the past year or so, the Christian #SpecFic Reader has used the engine to collect blog posts from our greater Christian #specfic community and share them in one weekly newspaper. It’s been a great experience getting to know the content being put out by so many writers and speculative fiction fans. However, the value of such an aggregation is limited. After all, if you want to follow an author’s blog posts, you can subscribe to their blog yourself, right? Right.

Other issues come up, too. Issues of curation and censorship. If we include ALL the posts that come up, the weekly newspaper may have 50+ articles, several of which are covering the same topics (such as 8 different blogs announcing the release of or reviewing a single book, or 20 people saying how excited they are that the Realm Makers conference is next week). So which ones do we drop? Over the months of our publication, we’ve rotated exposure so many authors have a chance to be seen.

After all, that’s the goal here. To raise awareness about the Christian speculative fiction (CSF) community. To promote CSF authors and network with other groups of Christians who put out quality content about secular specfic entertainment. To connect CSF authors to CSF fans. To share the joy of our favorite fandoms with other Christians. To encourage Christians to embrace the creativity that God has given them.

Curation is the Answer

The good news is that the Christian specfic community is so big that just collecting blogs in one place doesn’t work. It’s too messy and overwhelming. It’s too hard to sort through it all to find the others who are Just Like You. You know what I mean. The gamer geek who loves anime and Doctor Who but can’t stand Star Trek. The conservative Baptist pastor who has an alter ego on Twitter just so he can lobby for Dark Matter’s fourth season and post Firefly memes without being judged. The quiet Episcopalian grandma who writes paranormal cozy mysteries and hard science fiction. And we can’t exactly ignore the outspoken young Charismatic who writes about vampires and wears red pants.

It may take a little more thought and a bit of picking the brains of the community (though we promise not to eat them, zombie-style), but the best solution is curation. We’re going to keep collecting things into one place, because that’s still the vision. We’re just going to label them better and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

“Best Sites for Christian Anime Reviews”

“Top Blogs Covering Faith and SpecFic”

“5 Christian Steampunk Authors to Follow”

Some more timely stuff may come out monthly, such as “Christian SpecFic Book Releases in September 2017” or “SpecFic TV & Movies to Watch For in October 2017”. And we’ll leverage our observation and networking ninja skills to bring “Insider” information about what’s trending and what secret plans are in the works by the influencers of our community.

What do you think? If you have some other ideas for posts you’d like to see, drop them in the comments!

We Exist for You

Like so many fan-based efforts, this site is a labor of love. I use the royal “we” (partly because I believe someday others will partner with me in this venture), but let me put that aside for the moment and bare my heart. You wanna know why I do this? What keeps me going whenever I’m tempted to believe no one cares and it’s a waste of time and money?

The answer: I believe in YOU.

I believe in every fan of speculative fiction who has felt alone in church. God sees you. He put that enjoyment in you. You love specfic because you crave more of Him. The wonder of discovery, the fascination with alien things, the awe of the supernatural, the yearning for monsters to be destroyed — or redeemed.

I believe in every creator of speculative fiction content (author, artist, musician, film maker) who has been misunderstood, maligned, isolated, or who simply needs to know that somewhere out there are fans who will love their work. Let’s find your fans together.

I believe in every pastor who doesn’t understand speculative fiction and who feels threatened by pop culture references that imply they are out of the loop and irrelevant. Specfic doesn’t need to be your enemy.

I believe in every parent who desperately wants their children to have access to quality Christian stories that rival that found in the secular arena, or who needs resources to help them sort through books and movies to find things that fit their family’s criteria. There are CSF resources that can help you with that.

Through this site, I hope to connect all of you together. Because together we’re stronger. We’re all part of one Body, and a Body connected is better than body parts scattered apart (heh heh, there’s a gruesome image for you horror story fans). As we each do our unique part with what God has given us, I trust we will add to the growth of the greater Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:16).

In faith,

In Christ,

Teddi Deppner

Founder and Curator of